Help in identifying what might be a fungus?

Valerie Varner banyan at
Sat Jun 28 23:21:48 EST 1997

Hello.  I really know nothing about mycology, but I thought someone
might be able to help me.  

There is a strange "thing" growing in a friend's flower garden.  When it
first was noticed it was yellow, and slimy.  Later, when showed to me it
was rusty orangish, and powdery.  The powder (spores?)  was very fine
and silky.  Underneath it was dark brown, almost like soil.  It grew
across the sidewalk, and was attached to some plants.  On the plant it
seemed to grow in big, round clumps, almost like cocoons.

So there.  I really hope someone can help me with this.  Any ideas
please e-mail.

Oh, it might also help to know where we live, right?  My friend lives in
Ohio, not far from the Ohio River, in the U.S.



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