Help in identifying what might be a fungus?

Stephen P. Bentivenga bentiven at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Mon Jun 30 15:27:24 EST 1997

On 29 Jun 1997 03:04:38 GMT  keithfungi at (Keithfungi) said:

>Hi Valerie;
>It might not be a fungus, but a slime-mold. Although its difficult
>a picture, it sounds like a slime mold to me. The "cocoons" would be
>spore capsules (maybe) and as it dried out, it seems to have
>Harmless, amd some of them even make good "pets"!
>Maybe someone else in the group has aan idea?
>Keith Klein
>Mankato State University
>Mankato, MN

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