Fungi In Blood

Berlstein berlstein at
Mon Mar 3 11:49:48 EST 1997

In regard to the "Fungi in blood" post, Dr. Buxbaum writes:
"I will not wast bandwidth with a point to point rebutall of this message.

However, for the benefit of those who have not studied biology, I have to 
say that this is a bunch of half trues and plain nonsence, which should 
be disregarded."

Jim responds:
    I have studied biology, but I would appreciate it I f you would take
the time to at least rebut the major points.  I found much of the original
post suspicious, but nothing is more suspicious than a post that tells
others what to think, without having the courtesy and respect for the
audience to at least attempt to explain why one should think as the author
does.  "I won't tell you why, but the other guy is a liar" is simply
unacceptable, in my opinion.


"Those who have nothing to say usually say it about spelling."
-Jim Berlstein, BFD

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