Verpa Lurkers

Berlstein berlstein at
Fri Mar 7 10:21:58 EST 1997

All of this Fungi in blood stuff is mildly amusing, but it's time to get
back to fungi in the woods.
    Anyone finding any Verpas yet?  Verpa Bohemica should be coming up in
Seattle in about 2 weeks, so they must be coming up somewhere by now.
   I do not eat this mushroom, and my wife has renamed them "acher makers"
in honor of the stomach ache they gave her, and has changed their
scientific name to Verpa Yucky.  However, I need some slides of this
wrinkled fungus, so I shall be hunting them this year.

It's almost spring!  Here come the mushrooms! Hooray!


"Those who have nothing to say usually say it about spelling."
-Jim Berlstein, BFD

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