Verpa Lurkers/Fungi in Blood stuff

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Fri Mar 7 12:20:18 EST 1997

I seem to be missing some or all  of the discussion going on about Fungi in
blood stuff...I have received a couple of messages as an answer to this o
other postings...but I do not know what is going on...I have checked the
newsgroup under , also under our nntp server
bionet.mycology group, and nothing is there since I am subscribed to the e
mail group mycology at I thought I was receiving everything posted
to the newsgroup and the listserv, but I guess I was wrong
Where are this messages been posted? or cross posted?!

At 03:21 PM 3/7/97 +0000, you wrote:
>All of this Fungi in blood stuff is mildly amusing, but it's time to get
>back to fungi in the woods.
>    Anyone finding any Verpas yet?  Verpa Bohemica should be coming up in
>Seattle in about 2 weeks, so they must be coming up somewhere by now.
>   I do not eat this mushroom, and my wife has renamed them "acher makers"
>in honor of the stomach ache they gave her, and has changed their
>scientific name to Verpa Yucky.  However, I need some slides of this
>wrinkled fungus, so I shall be hunting them this year.
>It's almost spring!  Here come the mushrooms! Hooray!
>"Those who have nothing to say usually say it about spelling."
>-Jim Berlstein, BFD

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