Verpa Lurkers

Roy Reehil reehil at
Sat Mar 8 12:41:01 EST 1997


Thanks for trying to put the group back on track!
Unfortunately, our winter thaw in upstate NY was curtailed by two pretty savage snow storms. 
My basket and camera will remained shelved for another few weeks but,
please share any stories about your spring finds!
It will whet the appitites of we frozen funjivores... morel season is on the way.
> All of this Fungi in blood stuff is mildly amusing, but it's time to 
> get back to fungi in the woods.
> Anyone finding any Verpas yet?  
> I do not eat this mushroom, and my wife has renamed them "acher makers" in honor 
> of the stomach ache they gave her, and has changed their scientific name to Verpa Yucky.  

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Roy Reehil
Mayor, Village of Cleveland, NY

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