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> It is about that time when I should start looking for colleges, and I
>  want to major in Mycology.  I have been having a hard time trying to
>  colleges that even offer courses in Mycology.  Could you please send me
>  names of colleges that offer Mycology, and tell me which ones you would
>  recommend.

I am not certain that any U.S. colleges have undergraduate programs in
mycology; biology is the usual undergraduate discipline for those seeking
careers in mycology.  Most colleges with undergraduate biology programs
should have some courses in mycology.  If you are committed to a career in
mycology, I would recommend finding a college with a good graduate
mycology program; they are most likely to have good undergraduate courses
in mycology.  The only ones I could recommend are those local (to me) ones
that I am personally familiar with---Cornell and SUNY College of
Environmental Science & Forestry.  Of course, any college with a good
mycologist on the biology faculty would also be a good choice---for
example, SUNY Cortland has no post-grad mycology program, but biology
majors with serious interest in mycology would certainly find Dr. Tim
Baroni helpful.

NOTE: I am posting Jill's query and my reply to USENET: bionet.mycology;
hopefully, we will get a better answer from someone else.  Anyone
replying, please be sure to e-mail Jill directly at pixie898 at in
case her ISP does not facilitate access to Usenet.  ALSO: if there is a
good internet resource for students seeking formal education in mycology,
please post that here, as I get this sort of inquiry rather regularly.

:-Davey Fischer
David W. Fischer
Coauthor, "Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America" and "Mushrooms of Northeastern North America"

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