Shiitake Mushroom Spores

Frederick Finch finch006 at
Mon Mar 10 13:18:25 EST 1997

Peter Oei wrote:
> The best masks provide filtered air individually to each picker. These
> masks consist of a helmet and a fan attached to a filter on the back of
> the picker and an airtube which brings the filtered air to the helmet.
> The helmets have a shield which directs the clean airflow along the face
> of the pickers. The equipment is rahter expensive (around 500 US$) but
> necessary to prevent the pickers from becoming sick.
> Check my book on mushroom growing, (Mushroom Cultivation, Toolbooks)
> which was published last year by backhuys at It has a lot of
> information on growing shiitake (and twelve other mushroom species) and
> also a page devoted to the problem of spore allergies.
> Peter Oei

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