1997 Morels found

John S. Watson - FSC watson at george.arc.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 17 13:39:43 EST 1997

In article <858215255.17587 at dejanews.com> dwheeler at teleport.com writes:
>On 3/11/97, I received an e-mail from a fellow mycophagist, noting an
>early fruiting of black morels in Tennessee under "wild cherry, hickory,
>poplar and beech." Is this the first for the year?

Nope.  I harvested my usual crop around about Jan. 24th of this year (1997),
in the Silicon Valley, S.F Bay Area.   Usually our window is February, plus 
or minus a couple of weeks.

My "crop" wasn't as good this year as last, due to the fact
that there hasn't been much rain here since about then, so my 
"plot" has been completely dry.  Now that we've gotten a little
rain again, I'm hoping we'll get some more.  Although typically
I don't remember harvesting them on that plot this late in the year.

If they don't I'll have to head up to the Sierra, where they'll
be starting in the next couple of months.   

Else I'll have to wait until they start poping  out here again
in July.

John S. Watson
NASA Ames Research Center
watson at george.arc.nasa.gov


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