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There are many methods for inducing sporulation in "sterile" moulds....
you may want to check "Laboratory Handbook of Medical Mycology" by Dr
Michael R McGinnis for proper methods and references , there are also many
books many from the IMI and CBS that are execellent resources....but for
fungi isolated from clinical specimens or the environment that may be
important...I use one or more of the following:

UV light shock and/or I grow them on filter paper and sticks and/or float a
block of PDA (with the mould previously growing ..a two week old culture)
them in sterile water and/or transfer them to V-8 juice agar and/or transfer
them to Oat meal agar or any other medium that is nutrient deficient. 

I tend to stay away of using BHI, Blood and Sab for my identifications,
since this media are only good for the primary isolation of the organism
from the specimens, once I grow a fungus, I subculture it to PDA or PFA
(potato dextrose or potato flake) ..if the mould remains sterile...and
depending on colony morphology and hyphae type (zygomycete vs. basidio vs
dematiaceous etc.)I may use one of the methods mentioned above.
....but IMHO all of this is mostly experience so as to not go crazy using a
bunch of media and when trying to identify a Apophysomyces
or Sacksenae or Lasiodiplodia (sorry for the sp) since most of the time they
are usually sterile.....but when you see the colony morphology and
hyphae...I usually know what to do next. 

if you have a fungus from a clinical specimen and is sterile...send me e
mail..and I could give you ideas of what to do next.


At 02:59 PM 3/25/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone in this group have any practical experience in methods for
>getting "Mycelia sterila" to form some sort of sexual or asexual
>reproductive structures that will aid in identification?  These cultures
>have been isolated in a medical micro lab so that they have only been
>examined on standard medical lab media such as blood, BHI, SAB etc.
>My first thoughts were to inoculate some various grains or seed cultures
>but I really don't know much about this area and my experience so far
>tells me that there's a lot more learn.  You can reply directly to me if
>you like at steven.head at
>Thanks in advance for your help.  BTW has anyone tried the Morel culture
>technique used on the Farm at Summertown TN (directions are on the web

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