1997 Morels found

HENRY E. KILPATRICK JR. hkilpatr at osf1.gmu.edu
Sun Mar 30 11:21:44 EST 1997

Mara Linaberger (linaberg at OBERON.PPS.PGH.PA.US) wrote:
: > 
: > Interesting. Here in Southwestern Virginia, folks call them "Merkles", an
: > aberation of Miracles, I think. 

: I've also heard them called merkles in  Western PA.  My understanding is 
: that this name is the German word for morel, so the folks who you hear 
: using this name, may be of German decent.

: I'm still waiting here in western PA!....about 2-3 more weeks to go.

: -Mara 

Found 3 in Arlington, VA this morning.  They are on their way!

Buddy Kilpatrick

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