Mushroom freshness

M&D Larson sdml at SWBELL.NET
Wed May 14 15:28:51 EST 1997

I'm not a mushroom grower or nut or anything, but I love to eat them, if
that counts for anything.  I have no clue how to tell different types of
mushrooms apart, either.  What I am trying to do is find a way to keep
my basic, bought-in-a-plastic-basket-at-the-grocery-store mushrooms frsh
longer.  It seems no matter what I do, unless we finish the basket
within 3 days of bringing it home the mushrooms start darkening & get a
soft, half-sogged sponge sort of texture.  Is there anything I can do to
keep them fresh longer?  I do keep them in the refrigerator when I get
them home, could that be my problem?  Please help :) 
Dyanna Larson, mushroom-muncher

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