Chanterelle look-alike???? (help)

jeheagle jeheagle at
Thu May 15 20:07:26 EST 1997

About a month ago, I heard an artical on NPR (National Public Radio) about
a mushroom that is very poisonous, highly variable in color, and one color
phase mimics the beloved Chanterelles.

The radio piece went into detail about the impostor coming to America in
the root bags of cork trees from Spain. It orginally has stayed very local
to the cork trees, but just this year has been getting out - and caused the
death of one of the heirs to a major wine family in sothern California.

However, I do not know the genus, species - spore print - etc.

Can anyone clue me on this?

(I am very new to mushroom hunting, but when I mentioned the artical around
more experianced hunters - I was pressed for more info. - before the
Chanterelles are up!)



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