Entoloma vernum

George Riner griner at ultranet.com
Sat May 17 20:51:50 EST 1997

Poking around possible sites for morels, I come across a plain old
agaric!  Pretty well matches the description of E. vernum in the
Audubon guide, although Arora calls it a Nolanea verna. (when is an
Entoloma a Nolanea anyway?)

Habitat: on ground that had been 'mowed' clear of some sort of wild
rose and poison ivy.  The ground was littered with 2-3 foot cut stems
of the rose-like plant (the thorns look like rose thorns).  The poison
ivy was just coming up again, only about 2-3 inches tall.  Growth
pattern: singly and clustered.

Looked at spores under scope and they sure look like the angular
spores of Entoloma (Nolanea).

Apparently the spring occurence rules out many other Entolomas?

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