Glove Box Howto?

RushWayne rushwayne at
Thu May 22 08:35:57 EST 1997

(Doug Blaisdell asked for help in building a glove box).
The archives of FUNGUS digest (
may have something on building a glove box, as may Mushroom,
the Journal.  But you may be able to do without at glove box
entirely if you get a copy of (pardon the plug) my manual on
Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide ($20 plus shipping).
At the right concentrations, you can add hydrogen peroxide
to agar plates, spawn medium, or certain fruiting substrates
and the peroxide will kill the airborne contaminants while
allowing healthy growth of the mushroom mycelium.  (As the
mycelium grows through the substrate, the peroxide decom-
poses to water and oxygen). This allows you to do all your 
transfers and inoculations in the open air in your kitchen
(or whatever).  It also allows you to grow your plates and
spawn on a bookshelf and your fruiting cultures in ordinary
trashbags with zero air filtration. (The FUNGUS digest
archives have a good deal of discussion of the method.
Search for subject "peroxide.")
--Rush W.

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