Morel lover POISONED! Rats!

Jeff Potter jp at
Sat May 24 14:10:22 EST 1997

Bummer. I've been a morel buff for years. I just
got sick from eating them last night for the first time ever.

I had friends over for a nice morel in cream sauce and trout dinner. 
These were the golden, conical morels. Fresh, young b/w 2-6" tall.
(I did keep them in the frig for a couple days.)

Everyone else said they loved the dinner A LOT. I ate maybe
5 morels worth of slices. (10 slices in the sauce.)
(FYI: I'm 35 yo, 170#.)

Within minutes I was ill and feeling very bad for an hour.
For the first time in my life I forced a vomit and felt better.
Today, though, I've felt pretty bad and tired all day.

Has anyone heard of enthusiasts suddenly developing
an allergy or getting random reactions?

I had a small problem last year after eating a nice slice
of fried youngish puffball. Got a little sick. But before
that (last spring) I'd had several nice morel dinners.
It started making me wonder about me and mushrooms
and I wanted to look into it further. Well, I found out!

The funny thing is that I haven't been reacting well to
our recipes lately in general (and getting in dutch with 
the wife as well). I wonder if my growing blah reaction to 
what seems like tasteless morels was my body telling me to
not eat them anymore! Maybe it's a weird combo with the
cream that gets to me. I prefer leeks and wine! :) They 
used to be my favorite thing of spring, but I never ate 
more than a few morel meals a year.

I dunno, I haven't eaten fish lately either. It's weird.
I've never had an allergy or been poisoned before.
And I've even eaten some tasty beefsteaks! (Yum!)

Any feedback, info, advice, appreciated!

Jeff Potter
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