Is there anybody out there?

grunden grunden at
Sun Nov 2 01:27:05 EST 1997

Gary Lum wrote:
> Leo Bartoli wrote:
> > Hi all.   Is this discussion group active?     Anyone out there talking mushrooms?
> >      Could someone please let me know if I'm connecting?   Thanks much, Leo
> Yep, there are people here.  Mind you I'm here for discussion about
> pathogenic fungi.  I could eat mushrooms all day, but my interest is
> medical mycology!
> Regards
> Gary


I'm here as well. Ever eager to discuss fungi that mycoparasitize
pathogenic fungi. I'm also a lifelong morel hunter and find mycorrhizae 
very interesting, which reminds me of a question I've been meaning 
to ask the group;

It's well documented that fungi form symbiotic relationships
with plants, algae, cyanobacteria, and animals, but I've
yet to hear about a fungal:fungal symbiosis. Does such an
arrangement exist? 

							= eg =

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