Mike Careys miniature Shitake

norm rmp at seanet.com
Thu Nov 6 03:52:37 EST 1997

>> Did your shitakes from the 1/2 pint yield spore
>> prints?
>> Norm
> Yes- I now have actual fruit bodies. Miniture Shiitaki as it were. I
>used both the PF syringe technic using a spore syringe I made and also
>did an agar transfer. The miniture Shiitaki's are forming just like a
>larger mushroom and do appear to be forming gills which I would expect
>to yield spores. Actually, this little experiment was a learning process
>for me as I would like to gradually build up production to be able to
>sell product. I'm looking at non-traditional ways of cultivating the
>mycelium rather than using plastic bags. I'm striving for a reuseable
>container system that requires just an initial outlay of cost. I also
>have 1 pint jars inocculated, and will keep moving up in size till I get
>a nice full size fruiting block. Mike Carey

Congratulations.  I am going to try this.  

You should try the quart sized polymethelpentene lab jars (tapered sides -
no shoulder - cake birth is easy and they can be quite hefty - no space
bags or any of that - all reusuable.

I think there is a whole new future with direct spore inoculations into
fruiting substrate - all a miniatureization - but real shrooms.

No more strain selection - no more agar - no more spawn - no more
reinoculating substrate with spawn or liquid mycelium.   This is


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