Mike Careys miniature Shitake

Mike Carey mikeca at concentric.net
Thu Nov 6 00:58:24 EST 1997

norm wrote:
> >Mike Carey <mikeca at concentric.net>
> >.wrote:
> I am attempting to grow Shitake mushrooms
> in my home using a 1/2 pint
> and 1 pint jar method similiar
> to methods used to grow P.Cub. at home. I
> have fully cultured jars of Shitake mycelium
> that I have placed into a
> 62 degree, 95% humidity chamber.
> The Shitake is grown on a alderwood/rye
> flour substrate and was removed from the
> jars when placed into the
> humidity chamber.One block is two weeks
> old and has yet to fruit. The
> second block was soaked for 24 hrs in
> spring water and then placed in
> the chamber. It has been in for one week.
> It also has not fruited. I
> have grown mutiple flushes of Shitakes from
> a commercially grown spawn
> block (which is the source of my mycelium
> blocks- agar transfers and
> spore syringe technic).
> Does anyone have any experience on home
> cultivation of Shitake? Is there
> something I should be doing differently?
> I would have expected some
> pinning at this point, in particular on
> the older block. Thanks for your
> help!
> Mike Carey
> On Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:58:54 -0700,
> >The Shitake is grown on a alderwood/rye
> >flour substrate and was removed from the
> jars when placed into the
> >humidity chamber.
> (a later posting)
>  Today my two blocks have started to develope
> brown patches. Isn't this
> > the precursor to the actual pinning?
> My two 1/2 pint sized blocks of Shiitaki
> mycelium are both begining to
> pin. The amount of time from innoculation
> to pinning was about 5-6
> weeks. This experiment verifies the Shiitaki
> as a mushroom species that
> can be grown in the home using basic jar
> technic. This eliminates the
> need for filtered spawn bags and
> allows the use of reuseable jars.
> Thanks to everyone for their responces
>  to my earlier postings.
> Mike
> Carey
> ---------------------------------------------
> Does this mean that you actually got fruitbodies?
> Pinning is only the beginning.
> Did you grow miniature Shitake?   I am familiar
> with the pf tek 1/2 pint mushroom tecknique.
> This is worth investigation.  Micro growing of
> shitake!   And using spore syringes - no strain
> selection - no agar cultures - no spawn.
> Did your shitakes from the 1/2 pint yield spore
> prints?
> Norm
 Yes- I now have actual fruit bodies. Miniture Shiitaki as it were. I
used both the PF syringe technic using a spore syringe I made and also
did an agar transfer. The miniture Shiitaki's are forming just like a
larger mushroom and do appear to be forming gills which I would expect
to yield spores. Actually, this little experiment was a learning process
for me as I would like to gradually build up production to be able to
sell product. I'm looking at non-traditional ways of cultivating the
mycelium rather than using plastic bags. I'm striving for a reuseable
container system that requires just an initial outlay of cost. I also
have 1 pint jars inocculated, and will keep moving up in size till I get
a nice full size fruiting block. Mike Carey

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