ultrasonic humidifier

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Fri Nov 7 02:57:55 EST 1997

In article <34620CBB.280 at cup.hp.com>, John Morris <jmorris at cup.hp.com> wrote:

> > DAMARK is selling an ultrasonic humidifier in their latest catalog for
> > $29.95.
> Apologies.  The Company is J+R Music World, not DAMARK. J+R is a mail
> order camera and electronics store in New York. You can get their phone
> number from the (800) directory assistance.
>     Holmes 5110 Pure Mist Humidifier,   HMS HM5110,  $29.99

Don't bother using a humidifier. You will get better results with almost no
expense using the fantastic perlite humidification method. Go to
www.lycaeum.org and visit The Shroomery pages. You will find info there.

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