Sulphur Shelf Choice Question

Darin Burleigh burleigh at
Fri Nov 7 12:16:55 EST 1997

Creed Taylor wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I recently found a rather enormous fruition of sulphur shelf fungi. It
> passed all the "obvious" tests and a small bit of it tasted excellent,
> indeed.
> I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences, positive or
> otherwise, with this edible and also whether there might exist any look
> alikes about which I should be aware. Thanks in advance, and bon appetite,

If you're talking about Laetiporus sulphurea, then
I've ID'd this one to my own, and even my wifes very critical
satisfaction. Its fairly easy, as fungal IDs goe.

As for eating, most books give the following advice, which 
I've found to be sound:

* young specimens are good, but they get woody pretty fast.

* along those lines, the older growth on the inside
  (closed to the tree) is generally not too edible, so just
   the part along the edges. Usually this part is more orangy.
* don't eat too much. I ate a whole bunch once, and felt just
a bit 'off' for several hours. not really nauseaus, just less
than well.

other than that, i really love it, especially as it often
fruits in great quantity. 'tastes like chicken' - trite but
rather true in this case. another plus for me, as as i am
vegetarian. I cooked up some with a mole' sauce, yum yum.

happy eating!
 - darin
burleigh at
 '2 kinds of green, look out!' - dieter rot

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