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norm rmp at
Fri Nov 7 07:30:51 EST 1997

>If you want to know about my research at the Universidad Veracruzana at
>Xalapa Mexico and look some photos about fungi and mushrooms
>in temperate and tropical Mexico (Veracruz) and mushroom cultivation,
>please visit our New Web Page (CENTRO DE GENETICA FORESTAL)


>Thank you for your attention
>Reprints about fungi are wanted!
>  Dr. Armando Lopez R.
>Centro de Genetica Forestal
>Universidad Veracruzana
>Xalapa 91000, Veracruz
>Apdo.POstal #222
>e-mail alopezr at

Can people get spore samples of exotic mexican psilocybe's from you?
I am Not interested in clone cultures or mycelium  -   just spores.


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