Sulphur Shelf Salutations (and a wine question)

Tryggvi Emilsson emilsson at ARIES.SCS.UIUC.EDU
Mon Nov 10 12:41:44 EST 1997

On 10 Nov 1997, Creed Taylor wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Now, my next question is this: I've read in more than a few guides that
> alcohol has a tendancy to release or amplify some of the toxic alkaloids in
> many fungi, and that, generally it is best not to drink anything alcoholic
> with wild mushrooms. However, I find that the flavor, texture and all
> around celebratory nature of a meal with wild mushrooms cries out for a
> nicely balanced wine. And as this is the case, I usually have a glass or
> two of wine, or in some cases beer with my choice wild edibles.
> Has anyone had any experiences--either positive or negative--with alcoholic
> beverages and wild mushrooms?

If I am not mistaken, only Coprinus atramentarius is known to cause
illness when consumed with alcohol (and even when the mushroom is consumed
days before the alcohol).  According to "Poisoning by Toxic and
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms" (Lincoff and Mitchell), C. atramentarius
contains coprine, which has an "Antabuse"-like effect, by blocking
acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. 

T. Emilsson

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