Steve Miller Steve at GreatLakesDry.com
Wed Nov 26 15:37:00 EST 1997

I need to purchase a Microscope for use in fungi identification, I need
one that I can adapt a camera to such as a trinocular, and would like
suggestions as to the power and quality of microscope I should look for,
even brand/model/source recommendations are welcome... This purchase is
out of my normal comfort range and experience.   Is their any advantage
in a polarized light microscope for my use? and can a polarized light
microscope also be used as a normal microscope?    And, how big of an
advantage would be a high resolution planachromatic objective be?  Plus
any other suggestions, or accesories I should look for?

If any of you know of any such used equipment for sell... I would be
VERY interested.

Any and all of your advice is appreciated... If so desired you may
contact me by e-mail at: Steve at GreatLakesDry.com

Steve Miller

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