T. flavovirens & Re: Moderated or not?

Berlstein berlstein at aol.com
Wed Oct 1 17:39:18 EST 1997

>The first Tricholoma flavovirens have started showing up
>in the Boston area.  I have only found them in one habitat:
>-young- (less than (say) 20' high) white pines with young
>deciduous trees intermixed.
>Has anyone else seen large flushes in other habitat?

In the PNW I have generally found lots of T. Flavovirens in sandy, gravelly
 soil.  Mostly in open areas (like Old Maid Flats) which has mature trees, but
 sparsly scattered.  Perhaps it is not the age of the trees, but the amount of
 sunlight they allow through.  Then again, perhaps not.


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