Moderated or not?

Nathan Wilson velosa at CINENET.NET
Wed Oct 1 13:32:46 EST 1997

> OK, I don't get it.  I thought that this group was being moderated 
> now, but today there were at least 4 spam messages, some of which 
> were pretty obnoxious.  What's the deal?  Has our moderator given 
> up?

No.  Our moderator (that would be me) has not been empowered to
moderate.  I have yet to hear anything from the staff at BIONET and
have even received one note from a reader of the group suggesting that
I give even trying to get the group moderated.

If anyone has a good suggestion on what I can do to make moderation
happen I would be happy to act on them.

Just to clarify my position, I personally am not deeply bothered by
receiving spam (otherwise it would be kind of silly for me to choose
to be the moderator!).  What does bother me is that people whose input
I value might stop contributing to this forum due to spam.  What also
bothers me is that as far as I can tell we have as a group have followed
the rules to the best of our ability with respect to getting the group
moderated and we have been ignored.

I suggest that anyone else who feels this way should send a note to
biosci-help at and express your opinion as I have.

Editorial note: I would also like to point out that BIOSCI's response
to this issue should create significantly more outrage among those of
us who argued that moderation was an infringement of free speech.
While free speech is arguably a critical component for successfully
maintaining a free society, willingness to abide by the decisions made
using the agreed upon decision making process is nearly definitional
for even creating a free society.  Even if you disagree with the
decision, you should still fight for the sanctity of the decision
process that you participated in.

Your moderator in exile ;),

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