Moderated or not?

Nathan Wilson velosa at CINENET.NET
Thu Oct 2 20:09:39 EST 1997

> As a BIONET group, BIOSCI can do whatever they want to.

Certainly.  My only point is that we as a group have tried to follow
their protocols to the best of our ability.  A vote was requested and
no response was given.  Consequently (and in hopes of settling the
issue) I took it upon myself to request a vote.  I mailed the results
of that vote to them and requested input on what else I might do to
encourage the moderation of the group.  I have repeatedly suggested
that they run their own vote if they are so interested.  The only 
response I ever received was a note indicating that the person who
makes these decisions was on vaction that week.

As for the vote being by an interested party, I am actually not an
interested party as far as the vote goes.  I personally did not vote.
For my own use I don't really care whether the group is moderated or
not.  I am simply willing to do the moderation in order to avoid
alienating valuable contributors to the group.

> IMnsHO, pressuring them is counterproductive.
As far as pressuring them being counterproductive, it doesn't
appear to me that anything is productive as I have tried
repeatedly to get a response from them about this issue and
have not received one.

I personally don't really care if they come back and say they don't
consider the traffic on the group to be sufficient to warrant any
action on their part and they update their policy to reflect that
change.  They are providing a service that I am very pleased to be the
recipient of and commend their efforts.  I simply wish to improve
their service.

I do feel a little foolish at this point for offering my time
as moderator for the group since it appears that there is no
way to make this happen even if the group wants it.

In summary, I continue to be willing to act as moderator for this
group.  However, I have not been able to find anyway to take on the
responsibilities of that role.  I have no interest in spending my time
trying to figure out ways to appease whomever needs to be appeased at
BIOSCI to become moderator.  I will continue to reply to messages
about moderation since I consider that to be part of the role of a


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