C M Manoj manoj at TEIL.SOFT.NET
Wed Oct 8 08:05:51 EST 1997

Dear Sirs,

We need some help. If someone could come forward with some suggestions/
guidelines we will be much grateful.

We are dealing with Oyster Mushrooms. We are facing with problems
from infection. One typical problem is like this.
We are doing the tissue culture (pre mother spawn) in the media made up of
Potato essence, dextrose and Agar. We are doing the surface steri-
lization of the jars/testubes using Hgcl2 and then clean the same in
steriized water. But instead of white growth we are getting some thing
n green/black(mostly green). Is this a problem with 
inoculation/sterilization ? Is this actually a viral infection ?

This is not the end of our problems. We are having problems with 
next stages also. Which I can explain if someone could come forward
with some guidelines/help.
Thanx in advance,
CM Manoj &Suresh

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