source for Mushroom BASKETS???

Darin Burleigh burleigh at
Tue Oct 14 18:37:57 EST 1997

What do people look for in a basket? There is a local crafts
store that does nothing but baskets, and they also can do anything.
I was thinking of something with 2 or 3 levels, so you can
'separate your finds.

Tom Johnston wrote:
> I have a nice 'creel' basket that a friend who works for a caning store
> made for me -- it has a lid and fits over my shoulder or on a belt. I
> know they also teach basket weaving classes, and one of their projects
> is a "mushroom basket" .. although the picture I saw didn't look all
> that useful.  Anything can be made, though.  I mentioned once that a
> good looking collecting basket might be a hot item in "certain circles".
> Try their web site:  http:/// .. I know you can get a
> catalog from there at least.
> -Tom
> Tim G Gerlitz wrote:
> >
> > Dave,
> > I would also be interested in a basket source.  Last year some hunters
> > caught me out in the woods carrying an old pink and purple easter basket
> > filled with fungi...not a pleasant experience, (it was all I could find in
> > the garage).  So, I'd be interested in a nice, masculine looking, basket,
> > that is not too shallow and not too deep with a thick handle.  Any ideas?
> >
> > dave <fromtheforest at> wrote in article
> > <60smno$emk$1 at>...
> > > Does anyone know of a source for the mushroom baskets we have seen at the
> >
> > > buying stations?
> > >
> > >

 - darin
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