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Fri Oct 17 10:07:52 EST 1997

Quote taken from 'TIHKAL-The Continuation' by Alexander and
Ann Shulgin, Transform Press (P.O. Box 13657, Berkeley, CA
94712, USA), 1997, page 252.  

"I have learned a lot from mushrooms about the balance of
nature, by observing how they propagate and reproduce, but I
have learned a lot more from them about the egocentric nature
of man, simply by observing how the many experts in the field
(called mycologists) seem to disagree, usually with vigor, as
how fungi should be classified. There are cliques, there are
schools, there are societies, there are total philosophies
that are convinced that they are completely right, and that
all the others are completely wrong.
     'This species must be moved to that genus, in yonder
family, as noted in my most recent publication in Applied
Mycologia Today.'
     'But, dr. Rasputin, you already have tenure at the
University, so let me use this genus for the title of an
article in my new journal, Amanita Northwestica, and I will
make you an Associate Editor. But will you drop your
insistence for the renaming of the Pholiota group?'
     'Yes, but you must allow me to identify this group as a
new subspecies.'
     'But dr. Sangfroid would object to that.'
     'Probably he would, but I hold dr. Goodheart to be the
defining authority.' 'Oh really? Come to think of it, I'm not
sure I have an editorial opening available at the moment.
     In short, classification of these organisms has been a
nightmare for many years and will, without doubt, remain a
nightmare for many years to come. There is no right way. There
is not even a currently accepted way."

Hmm. Sounds familiar, isn't it?


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