Nectria cinnabar on Sophora

Sam Bass sambass at
Sat Oct 18 18:13:55 EST 1997

A Texas Mt. Laurel, _Sophora secundiflora_, in my care has a bad,
oozing case of _Nectria cinnabar_ on a 4 or 5 inch diametered limb,
about 4 ft from the ground.  Basal spouts are abundant near the soil
line.  This tree suffered frost damage March 1996, and has been in
decline since.  

The Mt. Laurel is over 40 years old and is about 20 feet tall.  Can
you help me with the life cycle of _Nectria_.  I hope Kocide 200 DF, a
copper funigcide, painted on the oozing parts of the trunk and below
will help.  Is recovery possible?  Is _Nectria_ a systemic vascular

Thanks in advance for your helpful response.

Sam Bass

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