fairy rings

Toshiro Masai toshiro at MUG.BIGLOBE.NE.JP
Tue Oct 21 07:51:57 EST 1997

I would like to talk about fairy rings of Tricholoma matsutake(Japanese
pine mushroom).
As you know ,This mushroom is highly valued in Japan. It costs as high as
400$ at a store,and  is commercially sought after. So a lot of researchers
have studied this fungus to cultivate or to increase its harvest. 
It is a mycorrhizal fungus usually associated with Pinus densiflora and
forms a fairy ring.  Rings grow outward by approximately 6 inches a year.
The inner area of the ring becomes futile because outermost mycelia exude
an antibiotic, and its effect lasts more than ten years.The pine mushroom
does not grow in this futile area.  So probably double rings do not occur
unless the outer ring is very large. The antibiotic protects the fungus
against bacteria and other fungi.
When rings collide with each other, they merge and form an oval ring. This
process takes 2 to 4 years.

Tosiro Masai

Akashi Hyogo Japan

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