New truffle species?

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Tue Oct 21 21:38:04 EST 1997

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At the October 12 Oregon Mycological Society Mushroom Show, I had a
truffle specimen brought in by a new member. I did not recognize the
truffle, nor did Frank Evans (current Trufflemaster, past president of
the North American Truffling Society) or Adrian Beyerle (truffle hunter
extraordinaire). I therefore describe the characteristics new to me, and
hope someone out there can identify the species.

The fungus was well-cleaned, with quite a bit removed, possibly because
this year has been good for truffle worms. The remaining peridium was
minutely warted, rough to the touch, with bright reddish warts less than
1 mm tall. The sporocarp was approximately 1.5 inches across and broadly
ovate. The gleba was the typical reddish-brown similar to Tuber gibbosum,
which we compared the specimen with. However unlike T. gibbosum, this new
specimen had a distinctly un-truffle-like aroma: fresh corn.


Daniel B. Wheeler

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