Shitake Cultivation

Mike Carey mikeca at
Thu Oct 23 18:58:54 EST 1997

I am attempting to grow Shitake mushrooms in my home using a 1/2 pint
and 1 pint jar method similiar to methods used to grow P.Cub. at home. I
have fully cultured jars of Shitake mycelium that I have placed into a
62 degree, 95% humidity chamber. The Shitake is grown on a alderwood/rye
flour substrate and was removed from the jars when placed into the
humidity chamber.One block is two weeks old and has yet to fruit. The
second block was soaked for 24 hrs in spring water and then placed in
the chamber. It has been in for one week. It also has not fruited. I
have grown mutiple flushes of Shitakes from a commercially grown spawn
block (which is the source of my mycelium blocks- agar transfers and
spore syringe technic). 
Does anyone have any experience on home cultivation of Shitake? Is there
something I should be doing differently? I would have expected some
pinning at this point, in particular on the older block. Thanks for your
help! Mike Carey

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