Shitake Cultivation

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Wed Oct 29 00:15:18 EST 1997

Jerry wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:58:54 -0700, Mike Carey <mikeca at>
> wrote:
> >>The Shitake is grown on a alderwood/rye
> >>flour substrate and was removed from the jars when placed into the
> >>humidity chamber.
> >I understand that Shiitake needs Oak bark or some (unknown?) compound
> >found in Oak bark to fruit, though it can be grown on some other types
> >of wood but not as well. Perhaps Alderwood is not one of them, or
> >perhaps some Oak bark added to the mix will do the trick.
> Actually, some commercial growers prefer alder sawdust.  Once the
> sawdust is matched to an appropriate strain of shiitake, it does very
> well.  There may be something to the bark idea, but apparently alder
> bark does the job.  If this is an issue, most sawdust (from mills)
> appears to have enough bark in it.
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Today my two blocks have started to develope brown patches. Isn't this
the precursor to the actual pinning?

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