Compound Collection

Odiwfa spawn at
Thu Oct 30 13:07:13 EST 1997

Dear Oleg,

I'm a chemist and my boss at the university worked a lot on new bioactive
compounds. He and his fellows made many-many new organosilicones -amongst
them some with possible fungicide activity. I left the university some
months ago and my last project failed.(We would like to make a specific
compound with fungicide activity in that time.)
So I'm  interested if anyone on the world made it (or something similar)...
I'd like to see through that list if possible...

John <asinex at> wrote in article <34562069.85F at>...
> We assembled a library of 70,000 unique organic compounds from 200
> synthetic labs of 9 countries. One purpose is anti-fungal screening.
> Anybody interested?
> Oleg Darakov, Ph.D.

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