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Tue Sep 2 14:43:12 EST 1997

s9603056 at wrote:
> Hi.
> Can you please send me information on the above topic. The following
> topics under this topic need to be covered viz. Antibiotics,
> Antitumour and Antiviral agents from Fungi, Immunoregulators produced
> by fungi
> I would really appreciate it if you could send me the information as
> soon as possible. The seminar on the above topic is due on 12
> September 1997.

As the other respondent stated, this is a very large subject.  To get a
feel for some of the extent of the information on the subject, go to the
site below for a lit search for the National Institute of Health Data
Base (FREE!!).  You can look for specific fungi and/or diseases.

Good Luck,
Alan S. Wicks

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