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MISTING SYSTEM KITS - Fully automatic , reservoir fed , DOES NOT require a
connection to a water faucet or garden hose , produces an ultra fine mist
up to six times
each day. One system can provide mist to one to fifty different enclosures
or areas .

This is the same system that is used by the majority of the ADG , CIN ,
and is also in use
at the Montreal Biodome , Norfolk Zoo , Como Zoo , Honolulu Zoo , Rio
Grande Zoo
etc, it is the system of choice for professional herpetoculturists and
beginning hobbyests.

Use to provide basic maintenance or to simulate wet/dry cycles for
enhanced breeding
activtity , aids in skin shedding , when used with a drain system will
keep the enclosure
clean and odor free .

Warranted for one full year to be free from defects in materials and/or
30 DAYS NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE - Try one of our systems for thirty
days , if it does not meet your expectations simply return the product for
a full refund 
( less shipping charges ).


Rainmaker Jr. Misting System Kit -  Includes 1 upgrade pump # WT25FI (
runs dry, self
priming , constant 45PSI , continous OR intermittent duty ) , 1 Timer #
CP-924 ( 12 cycle
digital timer , plugs into a standard receptacle , multiday programming ,
1 min. minimum
switching time ) , 20’ high pressure hose , 1 - 5 gallon reservoir , asst.
of misc. hardware ,
6 nozzle assemblies ( includes nozzles , filter screens , couplings , hose
fittings and
stainless steel clamps ) your choice of standard or wide angle nozzle ,
both types produce
an ultra fine mist.

Regularly priced at $291.08 Save $50.00 Special offer price $241.08 

or Rainmaker Jr. with Upgrade pump # WT25FI ( includes everything above
except 4
nozzle assemblies and 8’ high pressure hose ). Regurlar price $254.00 Save
Special offer price $219.00

100 PSI Misting Pump # RMJR - Powers 10 or more of our standard nozzles ,
even if
split up between different rooms. Regurlar price $79.99 Special Price $59.99
( Offers expires 9-15-97 )

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