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Paul Zambino pinerust at NEWNORTH.NET
Thu Sep 4 13:36:38 EST 1997

>Does anybody have a good protocol for DNA extraction from uredospores
>of Puccinia?
>Eugenio Cesar Ulian
>Molecular Biology Section, Head
>Copersucar Technology Center
>13400-970 Piracicaba Sao Paulo
>e-mail: ulian at
>Voice: 5519-429-8283
>Fax: 5519-429-8388

I have two protocols for extracting from urediniospores of white pine
blister rust, one using a BIO101 fast prep machine (I am just preparing it
for submission to BIOTECHNIQUES), and one using mini-pestles (visit the
Dendrome site at  Both use
desiccated spores ground dry with diatomaceous earth, but without liquid
nitrogen or dry ice.  Let me know if you want a copy of the protocol for
the fast prep machine.

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