Post-Doc in Molecular Systematics

Rossman, Amy AmyR at NT.ARS-GRIN.GOV
Thu Sep 4 08:16:21 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues

Applications are invited for a post doc position in the molecular
systematics working group at the Institute of Botany in Graz.  Work will
include establishment and application of nucleic acids in situ
hybridization and allied techniques in lichenized and non-lichenized
fungi.  The appointment will be for two years.

Applicants are expected to have the Ph.D. degree, experience with
molecular techniques and cultivation of fungi.  Expertise in the
systematics of fungal groups, in nucleic acids hybridization and
fluorescence microscopy is desirable.

Applicants are required to submit a curriculum vitae, a list of
publications, copies of degrees obtained and any other documents of

Applications should be sent in as soon as possible (no later than
September 25, 1997) to:
Martin Grube
Institute of Botany
Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Holteigasse 6
8010 Graz
fax: +43 316 380 9883

For further information, contact: martin.grube at
     tel: +43 316 380 5655

Amy Y. Rossman, Director
U.S. National Fungus Collections
10300 Baltimore Ave.
Beltsville, MD 20705
FAX 301-504-5810
email: amy at

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