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A 'global' monograph on Agaricus is a ...LONG... way off.  Europe is the
best-documented region.  The only monographic work later than the 50's and
60's for Europe is Cappelli's 'Agaricus' (1984, I think).  There are
earlier works by Essette, Pilat, and Moller.  However, new species turn up
regularly in Europe.

There is a treatment for California by Kerrigan (1986, Mad River Press)
that has some broader regional value.

There is a study of herbarium material of the southeastern USA (Freeman,
U. of Tennessee dissertation, late 70's)

Kris Petersen at SFSU is working on Hawaiian species, and Heinemann and
Peglar have contributed to our knowledge of tropical species.

That said, I think our knowledge of the genus is rather poor, and from a
socio-political perspective, disgraceful.

Apologies for the vague dates, my library is elsewhere.  Good luck -- Rick 

Robert L. Chehey (cheheyr at wrote:
: Rather than look through years of Biological Abstracts, I am hoping that
: someone out there has one or both of these data.  Can anyone tell me if
: there is a recent (<20 years) monograph on all or parts or the Genus
: Agaricus?  Also, does anyone have the original citation for Barssia
: oregonensis.  If, so please contact me at either of the addresses below. 

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