What is this mushroom

Erik Westlin westlin at msi.se
Fri Sep 12 02:44:27 EST 1997

Berlstein wrote:
> >Hello
> >
> >I have tried to find this mushroom in ordinary books.
> >
> >It's cap is 10 cm in diameter. It's height 10 cm.
> >It's color is red and white (more or less).
> >The teeth are brownish.
> >What makes this a strange looking mushroom is
> >the top of the cap which is covered with upvard pointing
> >bigger spikes or maybe tubes 2-3 cm long and 3-4 mm thick.
> >On the downside of the cap there is drops of a clear
> >red liquid. I found this in sweden in northern europe
> >near stockholm.
> Sounds like the Bleeding Hydnellum
> hydnellum peckii
> Can be found in David Arora's "All that the rain promises and more."  I do
> not know if it is found commonly in Europe, or if it as an "accidental" as
> the birdwatchers would say
>> .

If this is what you mean

no it's not that one since the red drops are on the downside of the cap.

It looks more like
(Hydnellum aurantiacum) but the things on top of the cap seems at bit
and i don't know if this one has the red drops.

- Erik

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