What grows on live tree leaves?

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Sat Sep 13 10:07:02 EST 1997

12 Sept. 1997pjf wrote:
>In this area, in late summer, I notice some trees have lower >leaves that
are covered in "white powder".  I suspect control is >next to impossible

Sound like "Powdery Mildew" This is common on many hardwood trees and
control is usu. pointless. The trees can be sprayed w/ a fungicide if they
are prime ornamental, sentimental, etc. Many different genera of fungi
cause this problem, and ID is done on a microscopic basis by examining the
cleisothecia(small black dots where spores are produced). However, the
fungus does not actually grow inside of the cells of the tree, so that
fungicides do work rather well. for more Info, try and get a hold of either
Tree Disease Concepts by P. D. Manion or Diseases of Trees and Shrubs,
can't remember the author but good pics. 

Hope this helps. 


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