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Nathan Wilson velosa at CINENET.NET
Sat Sep 13 02:10:07 EST 1997

I received the following note on Aug. 21 in response to my (copied in
the note) from a few days prior in regard to making bionet.mycology a
moderated list.  After receiving no reply over the foolowing week and a half
I sent a follow up message reiterating my request.  Now that another week
has passed with no reply, I am once again asking you what actions I need
to take to establish moderation for this group.  I am copying the group
with this mail to keep them informed of my efforts on their behalf.
If you feel the vote that I conducted in this manner was in any way
inappropriate, please feel free to conduct your own vote.

Nathan Wilson

>> There has recently been a significant amount of discussion on
>> the bionet.mycolgy newsgroup about moderation.  Since the discussion
>> leaders did not step forward to try to evaluate how important
>> this was to the readership, I took it upon myself both to offer
>> my services as moderator and to take the vote.  After a one
>> month voting period the results were 44 in favor of moderation
>> and 35 against.  Consequently I am trying to figure out how to
>> get set up as the moderator for the group.  The BIOSCI FAQ indicated
>> that I should get in touch with the discussion leaders listed on the
>> BIOSCI Information Sheet at, however I was unable
>> to find this information at this site.  Please tell me what my next
>> steps should be.
>> Sincerely,
>> Nathan Wilson
>> velosa at
>Serge Taylor is on vacation this week; he will advise you of the next
>steps to take when he returns next week.
>Julie Lawrence
>BIOSCI Administrator
>biosci-help at

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