Ruth Ann raw at healthcareforums.com
Mon Sep 15 16:26:30 EST 1997


Thank you for pointing out the fact that the software still says BETA - It
is not.

The service has not been down for at least 21 days.  Don't know why you
experienced any difficulty connecting on Sunday, but sometimes it has
nothing to do with PeopleLink (i.e. internet traffic, bad router, etc.)

This is release software, it has been tested by tens of thousands of
people for over two months with 99.9% reliability.  I will have the Mac
agreement changed so that it no longer says beta.  If someone is having
trouble connecting they could be behind a firewall, in which case they
should see the FAQs to see the two different ways they can connect with
PeopleLink.  Also, for the Mac version, as we mention on the download
page, if a user tries to use the PowerPC version without system 7.6 or
higher, they will not be able to connect.  They would need to use the Other
Macintosh version.

Please try again.  
If you are using MSIE there is now a ftp for those users as well.

Have a great day.


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