Picking in the woods: Seattle 9/11

SELKIRKS selkirks at aol.com
Fri Sep 19 22:26:10 EST 1997

Enjoyed hearing about your foray.  I picked last week in Northern Idaho
near "Good Grief," a small town with two people and one dog, (5 miles south
of BC border).  I also found some beautiful Boletus edulis.  And the
Cantharellus cibarius was the most wonderful golden orange/yellow I had
seen, (and they tasted quite good too!).  Many, many Suillus.  I have seen
a greater number of Laetiporus sulphureus this year than past and found
some great shelfs last week.  Ate a few small specimens, (my friend had her
first taste and calls them the 'bacon and eggs' mushroom because she thinks
it has the consistency of eggs, and the taste of bacon when cooked up with
crisp edges, like I prepare it).  Came across several large violet
Fuscoboletinus ochraceoroseus, as we were in large stands of Western Larch,
(Tamarak to the masses).  Even found a brich Bolete nearby.  Many corels
were just starting to sprout, and of course, Russulas galore, (many
stompers, but I didn't).  Am headed up the Coeurd'Alene River drainage in
the morning.  Till then...
T. Gerlitz

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