Cantharellus formosus?

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Sat Sep 20 18:37:15 EST 1997

Have just returned from the second trip in two weekends to the Mount Hood
National Forest near Portland, Oregon. Have collected about 6 pounds of
what I identify as Cantharellus formosus, but will defer to others if a
better description can be found.

The reason I wonder about this species is that some of the specimens have
a hollow stem. C. formosus is supposed to have a solid stem. Indeed, most
of what was collected (tasted and smelled) like C. formosus. _And yet_ at
least 15 of the sporocarps had hollow stems. Not just a little bit hollow,
like at the very base of the stalk, but hollow like a reed. There has been
some discussion at the Oregon Mycological Society about this atypical
Cantharellus. Some have opined that it is a simple fungal variation, like
gills sprouting out the top of the cap. And yet, I have never seen a
Lentinulla edodes with a hollow stem. Ever. Nor a hollow stemmed Boletus
edulis. Nor have I _ever_ seen a solid-stemmed Morchella.

So the question arrises: Is a hollow-stem indicative of a different
species of fungi?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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