Cantharellus formosus?

Berlstein berlstein at
Sat Sep 20 17:57:19 EST 1997

I have a question about Cantharellus formosus.
Someone told me that it is different from the C. cibarius in that
it lacks the apricot/pumkin smell.

However, I beg to differ.  While the west coast formosus may not be as
strong smelling as the east coast cibarius, it certainly has that
characteristic apricot/pumkin smell from the top of a fresh cap to my nose.
 It is the subalbidus that totally lacks the smell.

   As to your question about the hollow stemmed formosus, I myself have
never found one.  But one of the things I tell beginners while ripping a
formosus in half as that the consistency of the whole chanterelle is like
the consistency of cooked chicken breast meat, and rips in the same manner.
 A hollow stem would sure be a major suprise.  Did they look "formed" like
the inside of a morel, as opposed appearing rotted or eaten away?


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-Jim Berlstein, BFD

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