Leaf Rust Fungus-need help...

Chateau Keen keen at erols.com
Mon Sep 22 23:02:19 EST 1997

I am a Senior in High School right outside of Washington DC, and need
help with my science project. I am attempting to perform an
introgression program between wheat and a wild grass type, to transfer
resistance against Leaf Rust from the wild grass to the wheat. 
	My problem though, is that I am having difficulty locating a sample of
the Rust fungus that I can use in my experiment. I have looked in
several major biological supply companies, and none carry it. I have
tried calling Tissue Collection organizations, and they don't carry it.
If anyone knows where I could locate and obtain a sample, I would
appreciate any information you could provide. I would also be interested
in getting any names of Mycologists or people who could direct me to
find this elusive fungus. 
		Thanks for any help or information,

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