Fungi found 9/20/97

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: Also found a dead bird, presumably an owl, judging from abundant owl
: pellets nearby. A metal tag is still visible on the carcass, which
: to have died about 2 weeks ago. Can anyone advise what should be done
: this tag? Body appears to be about 18 inches long from beak to talons,
: had a wing-span of perhaps 26-30 inches. 


One place to start is to call the local Federal or State Fish & Game
department. You might also try contacting your local university and see if
they have a bird banding program.  Sometimes there is a phone number on the
band, sometimes an address, sometimes neither.  They don't make it easy for
you to help! There are many organizations that participate in banding but
Fish and Game is still a good starting point. That bird may have been
privately owned and tagged by its owner.  

If it was a wild bird, unless it is an extremely endangered animal they
TYPICALLY only want the band number & the location where you found it.  If
it is an extremely endangered animal they may want to retrieve the carcass
so they can determine cause of death.

Good luck and good for you for caring!

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